These are the different eSID versions available. Check under Compatibility is unsure about which version fits your vehicle.


The first version (eSID1) was developed in 2011-2013 and produced in a small series. It was powered by an Atmel ATMega MPU and had several limitations, one being a single CAN-controller and secondly the memory space. It supports only the English language, only the Metric-system (Litres/Celsius) and very limited access to Engine and Transmission data. Torque/Power information was only avaliable on B207 (2.0L 4-cyl) and B284 (2.8L 6-cyl) turbocharged gasoline engines (not on Diesel/Z19DTx), but all other functions except Torque/Power worked on all cars (including Diesel). NOTE! eSID1 does not work on US/CA/MX markets.

eSID1 is no longer sold.


The Saab community accepted and appreciated the first device and so started the work in early 2014 to create the sequel which mainly addressed the biggest limitations of the first design and also a range of new features for instance:
  • Support for US/Imperial units
  • Read/Clear Engine/Transmission fault codes
  • Torque/Power for Diesel/Z19DTx
  • Access Engine data: Turbo pressure, Airmass and Intake/Engine coolant temp.
  • Possibility to set system clock if vehicle equipped with non-OEM radio-unit
  • Support for US/CA/MX markets
  • And much more! (read the manual for all the functions)

eSID2 has a completely re-designed hardware with a new Atmel MPU with twice the memory space and with dual CAN-bus support. It reached the first customers in late autumn 2014.

In 2016 more languages was added.

eSID2 is available in the following versions:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French

eSID2 is no longer sold.


In the end of 2020 eSID3 was released. The remaining memory capacity of eSID2 made it impossible to continue increasing the number of features and support it all in one software variant. The new eSID3 had many new features:
  • Completely new hardware design with new microcontroller with more memory
  • Reduced quiescent current
  • Configurable switch input interface
  • Configurable output driver for LED or Relay
  • New interface to set System Clock time when using non OEM radio/Nav.
  • Automatic Hazard light activation on panic brake
  • Software update with MaptunerX
  • More display parameters!
  • And much more!

eSID3 is available in only one version, which supports the following languages:

  • English/Swedish/German/French

eSID 03-06

The eSID 03-06 Generation1 was developed in 2015-2017 and consists of two components: eSID-HPD that controls the display and eSID-GW that is a data collection and pre-processing unit.

Compared to the eSID2, the eSID 03-06 requires some wires to be installed into the vehicle to function.

It brings basically the same functions as eSID2 to the older NG9-3's. Read the Installation Manual and User Guide under Downloads for more information.

The eSID 03-06 Generation2 was developed 2017-2018 with the many purpose to solve improvements that was identified during the development of Generation1 but could not be resolved at that time without a major hardware change. Generation2 has a completely redesigned eSID-HPD unit with four times the capacity. Also functionality developed and introduced in eSID2 was carried over to eSID 03-06 Gen2 (for instance Comfort Mirrors and Unlock Light). Other key improvements are that Gen2 fully supports ICM1 and contains additional languages.

eSID 03-06 is available in the following versions:

  • English (Generation 1) - No longer sold
  • English/Swedish/Spanish/German/French (Generation 2)


The eSID9-5 was developed during 2021-2022 to satisfy the drivers of older Saabs. It supports OG9-5 and OG9-3 (see documentation for more details).

eSID9-5 is available in the following versions:

  • English